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“Don't you love what you got used to?
When we try to make our stand
The hourglass is growing empty now
Just to leave a pile of sand”

Inspired by Billy Strings’ song of the same name, these “Watch it Fall” block prints are hand carved & pressed, and are available in 2 full-color and 2 key-line variants:

Blue background on cream (edition of 40)
Green fade on fawn (edition of 30)
Key-line on warm white (edition of 20)
Key-line on kraft (edition of 10)

Approximately 11” x 14”
Caligo ink on Stonehenge 100% cotton rag
Signed & Numbered

Ships in a heavy duty yazoo tube

***please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping***

***Due to the handmade nature of block printing, each print will be unique and will differ slightly from the pictured originals***