St. Louis prints

Image of St. Louis prints
On sale

Hand carved/hand pressed block print
Printed on Stonehenge cream stock
Hand embellished with watercolor
Signed and numbered edition of 50
14” x 20”

Sunset variant - edition of 15
(Red shirt)

Keyline on Thai Banana paper (SOLD OUT)
12.5” x 18.5”
Edition of 10 prints

This print kicks off a new series of prints for Phish’s summer 2019 tour. Here’s a little background on this and some explanation as far as where the series is going...

You’ve probably noticed our guy is a bit of an outdoorsman. Maybe, if you’ve been looking closely, you’ve noticed the Bigfoot/yeti/w00k peeking out from behind the trees on the left side of the image. This theme (hiker vs bigfoot/mountaineer vs yeti/heady lot kid vs wook) will continue throughout the summer.

As we make our way through the series, our outdoorsman will play a less prominent role as we turn our attention to the wookie, who with each successive print becomes larger and more pronounced. From St. Louis to Cuyahoga, and so on - this, too, is a theme that will carry through the series... as each show comes and goes, there is less “man” and more “wook” (if you’ve ever done a full tour, you probably understand)

By the time we get around to Colorado, our yeti-wook will become the center piece of the image, with the heady hiker guy in the background, climbing sooooo slowly up the mountain...

***Due to the handmade nature of blockprinting, combined with watercolor embellishment, each print will be unique and will differ slightly from the pictured original***