HalloWEEN 2021 prints

Image of HalloWEEN 2021 prints

Come hither…

-Who are you?


Created to commemorate Ween's 3-night Halloween run in Denver, and drawing inspiration from a classic David Bowie concert poster, these hand-carved block prints are available in 3 color/paper variants.

Approx. 10" x 16"
2-layer hand-carved block print
Stonehenge 100% cotton rag stock
Signed & numbered editions

Halloween variant
-yellow/orange base-layer fade
-dark blue/dark purple top-layer fade
-edition of 31 on cream paper

StarMANG variant
-red text with blue Boognish base-layer
-Prussian blue top-layer
-edition of 21 on polar white paper

Rasta variant
-red/yellow/green base-layer
-black top-layer
-edition of 11 on Kraft paper

***Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping***

***Due to the handmade nature of block printing, each print will be unique and may differ slightly from the pictured originals***