Adventure in Color #5: Melting Into Nothing

Image of Adventure in Color #5: Melting Into Nothing

Melting into Nothing is a 2-layer linocut print created from a single block. The first layer is printed with a diagonal rainbow roll featuring warm colors. For the second layer, the block is rotated 180 degrees, and inked with a complimentary rainbow roll of cool colors in a direction perpendicular to the first layer. The use of transparent inks allows the colors to mix and creates a myriad of hues.

Approximately 7.5" x 11"
2-layer single-block print
Carved, inked, & printed by hand
Stonehenge cream 100% cotton rag
Signed & numbered edition of 33

***Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping***

***Due to the handmade nature of block printing, each print will be unique and may differ slightly from the pictured original***