3D Honey Bee pins

Image of 3D Honey Bee pins
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“I saved up some money and bought me some bees...”

“She’s my honey bee...”

“I’m a king bee... buzzing around your hive!”

“Hang with the bees and buzz in the honeycomb...”

Whether you’re a Phish fan, a Dead Head, Goose fan, super into Billy Strings, or maybe you know a local beekeeper who might trade some honey for a pin, this one can *bee* whatever you want!

1.25” with clear gemstone eyes
Dual plated antique gold & black nickel
Double posted with rubber clutches
Backstamped and numbered
Edition of 100

10% of every sale will be donated to The Honey Bee Conservancy. Read more about their mission here: https://thehoneybeeconservancy.org/